Using our know-how in the sectors of 360° photography and real-time 3D, we design industrial presentations specifically aligned to head mounted displays like Oculus Rift.

For months, we have been thrilled to watch the rapid developments in virtual reality. Since Facebook has now acquired Oculus VR at a price of USD 2.3 billion, it became clear that virtual reality will soon be the new "must-have" in the sector of innovative presentations.

If you would like to take a look at the nearer future already by now, please contact us for a presentation date.

"Facebook" is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc; Oculus VR® is a registered trademark of Oculus VR, Inc.

  • virtual presentation
  • interactive environments
  • scene control by head movement
  • deep immersion into your product world
  • Oculus Rift finally makes VR a convincing experience